A Brain Fog Day and a Special Offer

Dear Readers,

As some of you will know, I suffer from M.E. and at the moment, I’m having a brain foggy day, so I’m liable to make all sorts of typos. Normally, I’d steer well clear of writing anything more than a few lines on Twitter when my brain is performing at this low level of revs, however, I just realised this is the final day of my Amazon Countdown Deal for Blossom on the Thorn so I have no choice but to published and hope for the best. Please forgive me for any typos or other drivel that find their way from my brain to my fingertips as I type – I may well not spot them, although I am trying hard to focus.

Blossom on the Thorn is the third in my Out of Time series. Each book is linked by people and places, but each one can be read as a standalone novel. The other two stories are time travel; Blossom only has the merest hint of that genre, being set entirely in the twelfth century.

Here are some of the things folk are saying about it:

Discovering Diamonds Blogspot

Love and tragedy, hope and fear, trust and betrayal. A beautiful heart-wrenching love story.

The Naked Reviewers

“I felt completely swept away.”                                                                                              “The historical accuracy makes this tale much more than a simple romance.”

Annie Whitehead

“Romantic fiction is perhaps not my usual read, but I have to say this is a wonderful example of its genre.”


If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can get a copy for only 99p/99c until tomorrow. Follow the link to find out more. Blossom on the Thorn

blossom on the thorn

I’m afraid Blossom is rather lacking in Amazon reviews at the moment, so if you enjoy it, please consider writing a review. They are so important and encouraging.

Thanks for sticking with me on this ditzy day. Catch you later – if you don’t run too fast. *wink*


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I write, and I want to tell people about my books. That's why I started this blog. It's all very new, so I will probably make mistakes, but - here I am! Blogging!
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