The Medieval Physician

A Writer's Perspective


Somewhat confusingly, for me at least, the medieval surgeon didn’t usually deal with things inside the body. His remit didn’t really go much deeper than the skin. He removed things from it or amputated limbs or sewed up wounds. It was the physician who dealt with what was inside. Diseases were his responsibility.

His job was to diagnose what was wrong with the patient, and to balance the humours in order to restore him to good health. Like the surgeon, the physician was rather hampered by not knowing what went on inside the body. The only clues he had to what was wrong with his patient were what he could observe from the outside and what was secreted from the inside. Urine, blood and excrement could all be useful in making a diagnosis, but urine was probably the most useful. He would ask the patient to provide a flask of urine…

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