An Impossible Dream – or is it?

For some years now, I’ve had an unlikely dream. Not, it’s not about my books – there’s a surprise!

I am passionate about big athletics events like the Olympics, World Athletics Championships, the Commonwealth Games, and the European Athletics Championships. If you watch those, you may have noticed that throughout the events, inspirational poems are read out. Well, I have a dream that one of mine will reach those dizzy heights.

The poem I’ve written is inspiring. I know all poets say that about their work and not everyone agrees with them, but everyone who has seen this agrees it inspires them whether or not they enjoy athletics. And I don’t believe they are saying it just to be kind.

The problem is – I have no idea how to get my poem to the right ears. All I can do is promote it in as many places as possible and hope that it finally filters through.

So, what do you think? Do you like it? If you do, will you help me? Even just a like will help. If you feel like doing more, you could maybe share it to your blog and help me raise interest.

Anyway, have a read and tell me what you think. Will I ever achieve my big dream? I don’t know. But I do know that if I never try, I’ll never get anywhere.

Here it is (and by the way, it is copyrighted so if you share it, please make sure you add my name to it):

Why Do We Do It?

Why do we do it?
Why do we push ourselves to the point of pain?
Beyond pain!
For earthly gain?
Or for the glory
that fills our souls?

That incomparable buzz,
that moment of euphoria
when we stand
before thousands,
arms raised in a victory salute,
Champion of Champions!
Do we do it for that?

Why do we do it?
Is it purely for the love?
The sport’s the only thing?
Why push ourselves
till heaving
and slick with sweat,
we drop!
Done! Finished! Sick! Dizzy!

For the power
over our own bodies?
The knowing that
our bodies can be machines?
Each cog and wheel, each muscle and sinew
Honed to perfection?
Moving with the grace of the panther,
the speed of the jaguar,
the strength
of the lion!
Is it for that?

Is it to triumph
over other men
or women?
To know that we
are better, stronger, harder,
invincible – for a few years
and then,
ever after,
the people’s hero?

Why do we do it?
Is it to conquer ourselves?
The triumph of reaching
further than we could
We reach our goal
but then we see
just beyond the horizon
another self
to conquer!

Is it the never-ending battle
wiith our own body?
Further, stronger, harder, leaner?
Is it for that?
Our only addiction
to beat ourselves
in a perpetual fight!

Why do we do it?
Why do we face
the heartbreak,
the risk that we will lose this one?
That we may never make it
to the top?

That the pain,
the hated ice bath,
the daily grind
will never
propel us to the utmost heights?
No, we see beyond that.

We see
that glory!
it’s all the same to us.
The passion to reach it,
the will to push on!
and on,
and on
to the peak of perfection.

The flame of desire
which consumes us,
the constant striving,
the straining,
the passion,
the glory,
the fame,
the machine,
the panther,
the applause,
the triumph!

For all of that,
but for oh so much more than that.

We CANNOT give up
For the dream!

Loretta Livingstone 27/5/2013

If you’d like to hear me reading this, you can find it here. Please give me some encouragement by giving me a like if you enjoy it.

Why do we do it – from the book Hopes, Dreams & Medals

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