Why I will never again cede control to trained volunteers #cilled #narrowboat #england

Hmm, maybe canal boating is not quite so relaxing as I had imagined. I can see me being the cause of a number of disasters all along the route if I dared try this.

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Why? Because cilled at Grisly Grindley Brook locks, that’s why. We were about thirty seconds away from disaster, and it was all my fault (seriously).

Vignette Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/vignette

The powers that be – those who have set themselves up as “the powers that be” – train, certify and provide livery & equipment for a lot of very, very nice and very, very helpful “lock volunteers”. These fantastic folk do exactly what it says on the box, they volunteer to assist boating types at the more dangerous lock systems. Ninety-nine point nine nine percent of the time it works wonders and boaters are more grateful than you can imagine for a helping hand. However…

It is too easy, especially when, like me, a chap is still wet behind the stern-gland, to fall into the trap of ceding control to chaps bathed in CaRT logos, and to just follow their orders. That –

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2 Responses to Why I will never again cede control to trained volunteers #cilled #narrowboat #england

  1. Ian Hutson says:

    Many thanks for sharing! It has to be said that it is mostly a fantastic way to live, it’s just that the occasional day has more to offer than I might have wanted… 😉

    • Yup, it looks wonderful, but somehow, having read your brilliant article, I’m just unable to dismiss the idea of me emerging from the water, covered in slime, with a swan in hot pursuit, and the wreck of a dozen boats behind me, lol. I am a teensy bit accident prone, haha.

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