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Medieval Monday: What’s to Drink?

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
Much of what we drink today on a daily basis would not have been available in the Middle Ages. Coffee wasn’t brought to Europe until the 1600s, and was met with suspicion—even sometimes condemned…

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‘My Story’ From Teacher to the Euros 2016

Originally posted on Stephanie Jackson-Horner:
As a PE teacher you have to be pretty resilient and it is not just going out in the British wind and rain that have its challenges. Summer comes with the iconic ‘PE teacher tan’;…

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Supporting Your Author Friend

Originally posted on Laura Best:
This post could have been written by my family and friends. It’s all about how to support your authorly friends out there, and since my friends and family have been awesome enough to support me…

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If you’ve earned more than £300 from a short story don’t read on….

Originally posted on BRIDGET WHELAN writer:
Seriously, don’t. Nottingham Writers Club Short Story Competition is not for you. It’s for anyone who’s thought: I don’t stand a chance because only experienced writers will win. Nottingham Writers Club want to encourage new…

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Historical Fiction Cover Winner January 2017

Do you love historical fiction? What makes you choose one book over another? For most of us, the cover is the first thing that attracts our attention. For me, the cover has to look professional and must convey genre and a…

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Me and them – a beleaguered writer and her characters

Who’s in control? You? Or your characters?

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