So, what was in that letter?

What letter am I talking about? Well, if you’ve read Out of Time, you’ll know that, before she died, Hildegarde, Abbess of Sparnstow, wrote a letter for Sir Giles de Soutenay to pass through the aeons of time to Marion in the future.

When I wrote Out of Time, I had no idea what she had written. I also had no idea I would be writing a sequel. However, all has recently been revealed to me, and it seems Hildegarde may have had a prophetic word about what was to come.

The letter itself won’t be making a public appearance until either book 4 or book 5, however, I shall shortly be doing a reveal of the contents to anyone on my mailing list, so if you want to know what was in that letter? sign uutp on the link below. Otherwise, I estimate you’ll have to wait at least three years. Ah, go on. Surely you’re busting a gut to find out sooner than that?

Yes, I really want to see what was in that letter.


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