Why Do We Do It?

Why Do We Do It? is probably one of the most passionate poems I have ever written. It is an inspirational poem for anyone who has ever dared to dream big dreams. I was commissioned to write it three years ago for a film about sport and athletics, but the film it was written for was never made. Now, I want to get it out there. I want to touch hearts and lives and inspire people to believe they can achieve.
The film was made by Adam Harrison, a young man with a big future ahead of him, and stars Duncan Slater, an ex-serviceman and double-amputee who has run across the desert. He has also walked to the South Pole with Prince Harry as one of ‘Harry’s South Pole Heroes.’
Duncan is taking part in the film to promote Walking with the Wounded.

I have just started a Thunderclap campaign to get this film out as widely as I can, but I need a minimum of 100 supporters or the campaign will not run. At the moment, I still have 66 supporters to find.

I’d love it if you would take a look at the film and, if you like it, maybe you would consider supporting my campaign. Here’s a link to the film: Why Do We Do It?

And here is the link to my campaign: Thunderclap Campaign

Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the film. Special thanks to those who will support my campaign. God bless you.



About Loretta Livingstone

I write, and I want to tell people about my books. That's why I started this blog. It's all very new, so I will probably make mistakes, but - here I am! Blogging!
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