Be Thou My Vision

A lovely post about spiritual spectacles.

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Be Thou My Vision

Not many people ever see me wearing glasses as I usually wear contact lenses. This probably stems from childhood bullying about my thick national health glasses (ironically really cool now!), plus the fact that I find them annoying. With contact lenses I have perfect vision, can see my eye make-up and, according to my singing teacher as a teenager, they “let people see my big expressive eyes” (whatever that means!).

However, this week my youngest child has got glasses and I have also got a new pair, as I am supposed to sometimes let my eyes “rest” from the contact lenses. So, today I am wearing glasses, to encourage the little one and just because they are new! And it’s got me thinking about our spiritual ‘sight’.


One irritating thing about glasses is that they get dirty and the lenses need regular cleaning. Similarly, we need…

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I write, and I want to tell people about my books. That's why I started this blog. It's all very new, so I will probably make mistakes, but - here I am! Blogging!
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