Determined, Driven, Inspirational.

Hopes, Dreams, Medals

The excitement is beginning to ramp up again. Sochi 2014 is just around the corner. Our winter athletes are beginning their selection programmes. And our summer athletes are now turning their thoughts towards the Commonwealth Games. Their whole aim now is to be good enough. They will put everything into their dreams. These dreams are not achieved overnight. They have worked for this for years; day in, day out; blood, sweat, and tears; heartaches and triumphs. One small step at a time, to achieve their goal of competing internationally.

I follow many athletes on Twitter. I see their tweets about their triumphs and their despair, their joys and their tears. Frankly, they are inspiring. What better subject to write a book of verse about? At the moment my book is only available from a few stockists, but i hope to make it available on Amazon soon. Read it, and share the experiences of these young hopefuls, the older, successful athletes and the retired champions.
“The Prize

They carry the hopes
and dreams
of our nation,
these young athletes.
True champions.
They set aside
which would hold them back.
They press on,
determined to win.
The sacrifice
is nothing to them,
if it means
they achieve their goal.
But I, like them,
have a race to run.
A spiritual race.
I cannot win
an Earthly prize,
but I can win
a Heavenly crown!

1 Corinthians 9 v 24-25”

Excerpt From: Loretta Livingstone, Nicola Louisa Sharp. “Hopes, Dreams & Medals”
This material is protected by copyright.

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