Writing Reviews

What do you do when you enjoyed a book? Do you just put it back on the shelf? Do you tell your friends? Do you give it a rating on Goodreads or Amazon?

Up ’til now, if I enjoyed a book Ive tried to find the author on Twitter or Facebook and tell them how much I enjoyed it, but now I’m on Goodreads I do like to give it a rating, and maybe write a short review.

I wonder if you realise how much a review means to a writer? Even if it simply says “I enjoyed this book”

I just read an excellent blog, which I’d love to share with you, if I can make the link take. I’m still not very good at this so bear with me.

Ok, it won’t paste so here it is. http://www.carla-acheson.com/writing/dear-reader-can-I-have-a-review-please/  there you go. All typed in character by character. You can tell I loved it if I’m going to that much bother, huh?

I hope you enjoy it.

About Loretta Livingstone

I write, and I want to tell people about my books. That's why I started this blog. It's all very new, so I will probably make mistakes, but - here I am! Blogging!
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